How To Easily Write A Book or An Ebook (Step By Step)

How To Write Your First Book Or Ebook

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You have a story to tell, don’t you? You no doubt have had the thoughts locked away inside your head about a specialized subject that you believe yourself to be an “authority” on. Now you want to put those thoughts in written format so that you can share them with everyone. You wish to write a book or an ebook.

This step towards your goal of writing your first book, or ebook is a wonderful process for the simple reason that it is truly rewarding to see your labor of love come to life! The time and due diligence that you have put in, and the hours that you have logged into making that ideal that was in your mind finally come to life – will now begin to pay off.

Writing can also be very lucrative and garner substantial income for the author for years to come in the form of royalty checks. Ebooks, unlike hard copy books, can be sold globally in international markets to all that have access to the internet. It also offers fledgling or newbie authors the option to use an alternative means of transport to make a segway into the publishing industry. In years past, this was a monumental feat to do so.

Oftentimes an author or writer, after spending many long months or even years completing a manuscript project, ultimately found rejection upon attempting to submit the project to an agent, agency or publishing company. However, with the ability to self-publish and write ebook publications, the power and option is now given to the writer and author to choose how they wish to publish their work in its final format.

In this publication, How To Write Your First Book Or Ebook, a few of the things you will learn are:

1. How to organize and format your thoughts on paper;

2. Discover the pros and cons of writing a book versus an ebook;

3. Discover the importance of research, editing and proofreading;

4. Find the time to write;

5. How to register and protect your work by copywriting.

It should be noted though, that all projects are not successful. So it should go without saying – that not every book written will be a best-seller.

But, however it turns out, you will have accomplished a major feat and have the joy and satisfaction of bringing your project and labor of love to life.

May you have the ultimate success in writing your first book.

Best Regards!

ISBN: 9781386122432



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How To Write An Ebook

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